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Mother’s Day weekend I was busy soldering, cleaning and puttying mom’s Koi Pond window after making her wait 12 years.  There were challenges with soldering, as much of the lead was horribly dirty and oxidized.  Flux & solder not taking at all in certain areas.  Had to constantly stop, wire brush and try again. I was also working with a brand new soldering iron, tweaking temperature control, trial & error and lack of practice…  But I’m happy with how it turned out, flaws and all.  It’s the most difficult project I’ve ever completed and am happy to have the sunshine bring it to life now!

putty stage, koi pond stained glass

Applying the nasty stuff to fill in the gaps and keep it strong.

stained glass mess

Mmmm. Toxic, crude oil-esque nastyness. 2 hours to putty, countless hand washings.

Merry Christmas, mom!  Finished and ready to be framed.  Such a great feeling to finally have it off my table and in her hands.

koi pond stained glass complete